Performing Arts

The benefits of music education include higher test scores in math and language, improved memory and comprehension, a better understanding of complex math concepts.

Teamwork and Attentiveness

Exposure to the performing arts shows a boost in creativity, coordination, teamwork, and attentiveness.

Music / Learning is FUN

Music is FUN and it makes learning fun. And most of the time, students don't even realize they are, in fact, learning.

Self-Esteem & Motivation

The arts are correlated with increased school participation and attendance as well as increased self-esteem and motivation.

The Focus

Music class at TJS focuses on the above benefits. We also learn to read music, practice rhythms and our vocals.

In Class

In class we will write songs, put poetry to music, dance, throw in some improv acting, do a few experiments about the science of sound, make our own instruments, and more.

Everyday Life

In other words, we write, exercise, public speak, experiment, create and build – practicing skills our students will use in everyday life.


Involvement in artistic and cultural activities, “enriches our experiences, expands our sensibilities, and enhances our understanding” according to Vassar’s Institute for Innovation in Social Policy (IISP).

Summer Camp has been canceled due to COVID-19 concerns. Thank you for your understanding.