Welcome to The Interactive Jefferson School Art Gallery!

Please read the instructions on how to best enjoy the interactive gallery. Enjoy!

1.) This is designed to be displayed on a computer. Please allow the interactive gallery to load. Time will be dependent on an internet connection. The typical load time is between 1-3 minutes. There is a lot of media. We recommend letting this finish processing before proceeding.

2.) In the top right corner of the gallery window, you will see a “box” icon below the letter “i” Click on this to full screen the gallery. This is the best way to experience the art gallery. If you would like to enjoy the music selected for this gallery use the volume slider in the top right corner.

3.) Navigation: There are several ways you can move within the gallery. First click within the gallery window. Then you may click on the floor with your mouse on the location you would like to move. There should be an image of feet. You may also click on a painting to autofocus on that painting. It will also display the author.

Another option is to use your keyboard. Keys W,A,S,D will move your avatar through the museum. Keys Q and E will look left and right. If the keyboard is not working, it is because you do not have the window active. Click within the gallery on the floor to make sure you are within the program. Use your left hand to navigate those keys. You may also click and hold with your mouse to freely look around.

4.) If you cannot access the interactive gallery for technical reasons, you will find a video walkthrough pre-recorded below! This will not be interactive, but allow you to still enjoy the museum experience.

Art Gallery Video (For those who are struggling with the interactive tour above)

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